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Testing the Nations Inflatables

 RPII / PIPA Inflatable play Inspectors

We carry out annual safety inspections of inflatable's covered by BSEN 14960:2013.

On and Off site repairs of all inflatable's

As such we can undertake the whole range of inspection and training roles authorised by RPII, the only recognised validating body in Europe.

RPII is supported and consulted by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

This standard is applicable to inflatable play equipment for intended and foreseeable use by children, individually and collectively.

This standard specifies the requirements that will protect the child from hazards that he or she may be unable to foresee when using the equipment as intended, or in a manner that can be reasonably anticipated.

The current standard is BS EN 14960 : 2013

It is the Controllers duty to make sure all of the inflatable's that are covered in the scope of BSEN 14960:2013 are Annually inspected by an Inspection Body.

The RPII maintains the register of qualified inflatable inspectors

Inflatable's Annual - Inspectors competent in carrying out annual inspections
RPII Inflatable Play Inspection Information

In conjunction with the organizations listed next, the Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) provides the competence level within a scheme known as Pertexa Inflatable Play Accreditation (P.I.P.A), whereby inflatable play equipment is inspected and tested for compliance with the HSE guidelines as detailed in ETIS7 and BSEN14960:2013

The other organizations involved in the scheme are:

  • The Inflatable Play Manufacturers Association (IPMA)
  • Association of Inflatable Manufacturers, Operators, Designers & Suppliers (AIMODS)
  • The National Association of Inflatable Hirers (NAIH) 
  • British Inflatable Hirers Association (BIHA) 

The RPII conducts written and practical examinations for Annual Inspectors of Inflatable Play Equipment.

The Inspections and BS EN 14960:2013 this Standard is not applicable to water-borne inflatable's, domestic inflatable toys, air-supported buildings, inflatable's used solely for protection, nor other types not used for play.

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RPII Inspectors have attended the Register of Play Inspectors International Ltd (RPII) Training and Examination days and are a Registered Inspection body with RPII.



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